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 point(s) to Dumbledore!

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Anonymous whispered, "what is a dream of yours?"


If I could do anything? If I could do anything, I think I would shrink myself to the size of a mouse. I’d leave the world of men behind me forever and live amongst the mice. And I would bring technology, and art to those uncultured swine. And I would build tiny tools for their mouse hands, out of toothpicks and marshmallows. And I would be their king, nay their prince! Gilderoy, the mouse prince, ruling from my grand castle, inches high, carved from the finest cheeses. And there, I would dwell with my three mouse wives, and my twelve mouse concubines. Oh but the wars we’d have with the frogs… Terrible, just terrible. Those metal mice warriors the atrocities they’ve seen. Yes, that is my dream. My secret dream. 


nevermind, I’ll stay dehydrated


nevermind, I’ll stay dehydrated

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Part of Your World (+ Days of Summer) :)

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Let me die in peace, bye


Let me die in peace, bye

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I honestly feel like the starkid fandom is one of the nicest fandoms I’ve come across. It doesn’t seem to be split to the people who ship something and the others who don’t. Everyone is just so lovely, friendly and welcoming and I love you all so much ♥

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Brian Rosenthal’s exciting new game: Starkids In Water Bottles!

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one of his best friends is hermione granger and he’s dating ginny “bat bogey hex” weasley why shouldn’t he be scared of angry women

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51. After the battle of Hogwarts, Harry Potter approves the publishing of a biography. Going off of that and what they knew of Harry during their first years (while Harry was a 6/7th year), a group of musical theater addicted muggleborns write a musical based off of his life, which they enjoy spontaneously performing in the Great Hall. (Not long after they graduate Hogwarts they can be found writing and performing under the name Starkid)

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